About Us

SpenglerFox is a globally networked Executive Search and HR Consultancy firm. Our unique view of the world is both global and local, creating a new approach to finding and nurturing talent.

Our operations are independent of the traditional stereotypes of Executive Search. Hence we can look further and deeper into new and developing markets to find you the top executive talent. Keeping your organisation ahead of the curve.

Mark Hamill talks about SpenglerFox

SpenglerFox Experience

Our entrepreneurial yet ethical approach helps us attract the leading professionals in our industry, wherever we operate. Every 6 months we make contact with over 300,000 professionals worldwide. Our wholly-owned, completely integrated office network ensures we can reach the best senior talent, anywhere in the world, fast.

We believe in founding productive partnerships with our clients. To ensure that they get the best service, we have employed various quality assurance processes like 20-day client audit and benchmark candidate. We relate to our clients as partners whose success is bound up with our own. This doesn’t end with finding the best executive talent. Our specialist HR Consultancy division ensures that organisations maximise the performance and effectiveness of all of their people.