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Our dedicated focus to care is the heart and soul of SpenglerFox.  Our business is all about people.  We provide opportunities and develop careers that, potentially, can change lives.  To ensure that we take care and support everyone who engages with SpenglerFox, we have designed a whole system which is dedicated to one objective… care.

SpenglerFox never wishes to lose touch with local relationships, how they are being managed and how they are developing.  Our consistent 360˚ approach to feedback allows SpenglerFox as a business to keep its finger on the pulse.

Care is the core of SpenglerFox’s culture. Our colleagues all share a common characteristic which is felt beyond the boundaries of local markets.  Our truly global collaborative team are relentless in their efforts to develop strategies, for improving the engagement and experience for all who connect with SpenglerFox.

For our successfully placed candidates our commitment to care does not end once he or she is placed with their new employer.  We stay in touch, as we understand both their journeys have only just begun.

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Clients & Candidates Speak

“My experience with SpenglerFox was carried through Ms. Evita Fragkogianni, employed at the Greek branch. Evita treated me in a friendly yet professional way. During the whole process I could sense and consequently presume some corporate culture elements that SpenglerFox may possess.     During the process, I was the recipient of certain values that I can only infer that may be SpenglerFox’s values. These were revolving around trust, professionalism, transparency, agility, honesty, focus on people and support.     From my standpoint, Evita excelled to fulfil every expectation of mine, projecting these values and handling me as a candidate in an astonishing way in a rather odd, extremely challenging and turbulent market. Her vast experience on the field was evident and provided me with confidence on the process, in every aspect.     I cannot stress enough how satisfied I am because of my engagement with this professional. It has formed a very positive perception of mine for SpenglerFox for any potential business that may occur.    Thank you.”

“I found SpenglerFox very professional in the way they communicate and the way they follow up. they really care about your interests as a candidate as well as their client's interest in finding the best match and best fit that give you the feeling as it is not just an open position and they want fill it but  like creating sort of harmony between you and the client.  Special thanks to Lone who did all the arrangements and follow up in very professional and kind manner.”