Corporate Social Responsibility

During the past nine years we have learnt from and been inspired by ethical business. When we started this company, establishing our core values required tremendous amounts of soul searching and discussion. Despite the lively debate we were all united on one front: our business should be an ethical business, with ethics hard wired into our culture and the way that we conduct ourselves.

Now more than ever transparency, accountability, trust, and reliability are essential qualities for every organisation. Our reputation for scrupulously fair and sensitive dealings with our clients and candidates is one of our most prized assets and ensures that we have a 90% client retention rate.

Being a responsible business is not just about our daily interaction with our clients, it is about the greater impact that we have on the communities in which we live and work and how we ensure that impact is a positive force for change. As a business we are constantly assessing how we can make a positive impact in our communities, marketplaces, environment, and workplace

UnicefWhen we started to discuss Corporate Social Responsibility we asked our team “If you had a cause, any cause that you would like SpenglerFox to stand up for what would it be?” The answer was overwhelming. Our people said that the protection and the provision of equal rights to children across the world was the cause that they would most like SpenglerFox to stand up for.Read More

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