Our Mission and Values

Our Mission
It is our mission to connect the very best senior talent to the world’s best organisations, in both established and emerging markets.

Our Values
Our values are the foundation on which our organisation is built. Our problem-solving approach ensures that we deliver solutions that empower our client’s organisations in challenging business environments. Our values are based on our commitment to using all of our resources to truly engage with the various cultures and needs of our clients, using our collective insight and experience.


We maintain our agility by empowering our people to be decisive and fast moving. We must be ahead of the pack in order to capture the right talent for our clients before anyone else does. This often means exploring previously unchartered markets to track down the right skills sets.


We relish exploring new territories, breaking in to new markets and finding opportunities that others overlook. We challenge our own perceptions and those of our clients where necessary to deliver the best outcome for our clients businesses.


We are seamlessly integrated with our clients and our colleagues. Only by acting as one can we truly harness the power of our global search network. We transact in one global currency – information.

Our reputation for scrupulously fair and sensitive dealings with our clients and candidates is one of our most prized assets. We don’t ask for your trust, we earn it. This isn’t just box-ticking. It’s inherent in our culture and the way we do business in an ever-changing and competitive world. As an organisation we are deeply committed to corporate social responsibility and the positive impact that we can have on our communities.

Our consultants are different because of their unique insight into people, places, cultures and relationships. This knowledge combined with innate instinct makes our people the best in the business. This helps us to build lasting, mutually rewarding partnerships with our clients.

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Mark Hamill on SpenglerFox Mission and Values


Welcome to SpenglerFox


Weighing in against the “old guard”, we may seem younger but our collective experience, proactive approach, and market connectivity vastly outweighs our age.  Our company comprises a team of 120 consultants and researchers worldwide who have previously worked within either executive search or in the industry practices we specialise in. Consummate professionals, we were all restless, we craved something different - that sense of dynamism, multi-culturalism and connectivity that has created a new world order. Hence was born SpenglerFox and a new attitude to Executive Search.

Since the time I've joined SpenglerFox in 2003, I have witnessed the unimaginable growth, seen boom and bust times, met with our clients and candidates through each of our global Practice Groups, and grown more passionate about SpenglerFox by the day. Ultimately it is the quality of our consultants from London to Hong Kong, Moscow to Dubai, and beyond that has allowed us to achieve such high levels of client retention.

We live for our clients, and the trust and responsibility we commit to them. We understand that we are partners in helping them achieve their business objectives. Being able to connect them with the talent they need to achieve their business goals is what drives and motivates us. We put ourselves on the line each time we take on a project with a client, no matter if it is our first or tenth search for that client. We look at each search as an opportunity to prove our value to our customer. It is our desire to succeed and our belief in partnership that I am sure sets us apart from our more established peers.

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