Consumer and Retail

In this issue of the Consumer Trendwatch, Boyan Netchyev, General Manager for Central Europe at BEL talks about the market and consumer behaviour affecting growth. Stanislas Giraud, General Manager at Importers Business Unit of Royal Canin shares the process undertaken by his company to support the unique pet care business. Reports on expat policies in Africa and recent talent mapping exercises across Europe are also available.

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Q3 Consumer and Retail Trendwatch

Michal Vajskebr
Global Practice Group Leader, Consumer and Retail

Welcome to the second SpenglerFox Consumer and Retail Practice Group trendwatch which examines the issues affecting talent inthe FMCG sector worldwide. This issue focuses on emerging trends in Asia, how the FMCG sector is adapting to Generation Y and why niche companies are attracting the best talent in the marketplace. To read more from our Consumer and Retail Practice group click here or to join our Linkedin group click here.

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The number of people who have disposable income is growing every year and the total consumer base will shortly reach 2.5 billion people globally – this will significantly impact upon the FMCG industry and increase the need for FMCG organisations to employ strong talent in order to compete in the ever expanding consumer market. Throughout our network we are experiencing strong demand for multi-skilled, high potential sales and marketing professionals to combat the challenges presented by market conditions, candidate attitudes and emerging markets.

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SpenglerFox has recently gauged the movement and trends across the Consumer sector with a series of ‘insight’ calls with business leaders from the industry. This report presents some of the highlights and trends that may affect your business and includes findings from a number of regions including Western Europe, Central Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.