Talent and World of Work

A newly appointed, high potential top performing executive, at General Manager level, joined a global production company and participated in the Time To Perform (TTP) program to accelerate his on-boarding experience. The results driven executive pursued challenges where his efforts would be most impactful.

His high energy levels and strong focus of control unfortunately exhausted his efforts on tasks he could not control, causing feelings of frustration and failure. He felt his efforts were never enough and was conscious of burning out, thus resulting in his energy wasted on emotions instead of results.

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A very successful business leader was hired into a General Manager position of a multinational company. Enthused to explore new ways to excel her performance she seized the opportunity that was recommended by Human Resources to participate in the Time To Perform (TTP) program.

Her intelligence and toughness had been the drivers behind her success so far, yet in the new company culture these same forces were now acting against her and was perceived by her new team as disrespect and criticism towards their performance. As a result her teams motivation levels lowered and so did their confidence in her as their manager.  As a consequence the General Manager’s own self-confidence began to falter, experiencing feelings of incompetence and unacceptance.

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Ensuring diversity in corporate executive management structures is an issue that has increased backing from EU legislative and regulatory bodies. In fact, installation and promotion of diverse management teams is something that European Commission bodies promote through top-down methods. However, I feel it’s important that companies not look at diversity as a pseudo-issue forced on businesses by EU leaders. Rather, varied management teams with diverse gender, ethnic and cultural perspectives should be seen as tools for enhancing strategy development and problem-solving for companies working on increasingly globalized markets.

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Personal reflection on an atypical approach to Career Transition: A specific take on career evolution and personal development from Anna Shakhovets, a senior manager at a global brewing company. 

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