Talent and World of Work

A very successful business leader was hired into a General Manager position of a multinational company. Enthused to explore new ways to excel her performance she seized the opportunity that was recommended by Human Resources to participate in the Time To Perform (TTP) program.

Her intelligence and toughness had been the drivers behind her success so far, yet in the new company culture these same forces were now acting against her and was perceived by her new team as disrespect and criticism towards their performance. As a result her teams motivation levels lowered and so did their confidence in her as their manager.  As a consequence the General Manager’s own self-confidence began to falter, experiencing feelings of incompetence and unacceptance.

Through the TTP program and cooperation with her line manager, together, we identified which types of behaviour and communication styles she needed to adapt. The General Manager herself agreed with our analysis. We used a combination of communication theory, a detailed examination of what the change would look like once implemented and specifically how and where the changes would be accomplished. This combined with the use of new motivation tools, helped her to focus on the practical and emotional cost/benefits. This provided additional insights into how this change would help both herself and her team to better perform together, and hereby we achieved the results we wanted.

As a result of only six Time To Perform video-sessions the General Manager succeeded in becoming a better listener and communicator, her cooperation with the team was also improved. Performance levels were excelling compared with the period before the support of the TTP program. The line manager, herself, the team and the organisation are very satisfied with the results.

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