Talent and World of Work

A newly appointed, high potential top performing executive, at General Manager level, joined a global production company and participated in the Time To Perform (TTP) program to accelerate his on-boarding experience. The results driven executive pursued challenges where his efforts would be most impactful.

His high energy levels and strong focus of control unfortunately exhausted his efforts on tasks he could not control, causing feelings of frustration and failure. He felt his efforts were never enough and was conscious of burning out, thus resulting in his energy wasted on emotions instead of results.

Through the TTP program we were able to work together on the executives energy level. In cooperation with his line manager, we worked on his ability to put his own agenda at the centre of attention and take control of his priorities with a constant focus on what is really important. He involved his team by communicating his plans very clearly and asked for their support and help. As a result, he could now move fast without isolating his line manager or his team in the process.

We also performed a Flow-Compass and Stress-Compass, which are two of the six unique tools in the TTP program. The results concluded a conscious understanding of what it really takes for the executive to work at the highest level without stress (Flow) and prompted him plan his day differently to help him get more energy and help him perform to his maximum. This was his ambition and what he enjoys the most. At this point, we talk about routines to ensure a good balance between flow and relaxation which was needed and implemented.

The overall result of only six Time To Perform video-sessions was a high potential top performer reaching his next level of performance. Conclusion: The on-boarding was accelerated and he will take his new level of performance and new skills with him into future top positions in the company.

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