Transition Program & Talent on the Move

As a result of our business offering Executive’s reach out to us when they themselves are in a period of career transition. Due to the nature of our business we are limited as to how much we can meet the ultimate need of our Executive. However we are passionate about supporting our Executive on the journey they are embarking, which has come to be from either choice or necessity.

This passion ignited the SpenglerFox Transitions program, a pilot service which helps us manage the needs of our Executives. The program focuses on collecting a high calibre of talented and mobile Executives who are in a period of transition. Our objectives for this program are to increase our member’s opportunities in the areas of networking, sharing insight and self-development advice.

We host city events, of which our transition members are cordially invited to and join our CEO in hosting and recommending topics for our conference call series. We aim to have fun together and ensure our members have access to our key contacts, and our global alliance partners. We do not guarantee results, but we do guarantee care, communication, insight and fun! Our ultimate objectives, once the program is fully established, are to help our member’s; find as many resources as possible to help them in their journey, to provide access to similar situated Executives across the globe, to share insights and be involved, all of which we hope will provide a sense of help during periods of career transition.

We endeavour to assist Senior Executives in transition by enveloping them in a community of care and hope they will become friends of SpenglerFox for life!

If you have any enquiries regarding this program please contact Alice Bradley our Chief Care Officer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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