Appointment - Aurelien Neu


We are delighted to announce the hire of Aurelien Neu, Principle Consultant for Saudi Arabia.
“As the biggest economy in the Gulf region, Saudi Arabia is always on the wish list of most of the foreign companies operating there and around the world. The country has also its own corporate giants (very often family business) in various sectors such as oil & gas, construction, industry, health..
What a wonderful playground for SpenglerFox! That’s why I am really excited to lead the opening of the Saudi office and I am eager to assist our clients, prospects and candidates to find their path in an environment that hopefully with our help, will not be a desert for them” says Aurelien Neu, Principle.
“Saudi Arabia is a growth market for most of SpenglerFox key accounts. It thus made sense to be present locally to support them in their expansion, through hiring of Senior Executives or People development (Leadership development centres, Assessment centres, 360 degrees feedback..).  The country offers stunning opportunities, but its access is complex and requires understanding of the local regulations and traditions.  Aurelien not only understands Saudi Arabia, but he also likes the country and its culture.   Combined to his entrepreneurial mind-set, he will be a precious asset to advise our clients in the Kingdom” says Cedric d'Halluin, Emerging Markets Director.
“I am tremendously excited to welcome Aurelien to the SpenglerFox family and look forward to seeing him grow our business in Saudi Arabia” says Mark Hamill, CEO.
Please, read Aurelien's bio and contact details here