Mining for a Specialist

"Sourcing Capital Reserves in a small market"

The client, an Australian junior mining company, listed on the ASX with operations in Australia and Chile had recently acquired another company with interesting properties close to their existing operation in the South American country. The company wanted an experienced Geologist with good knowledge of the geology and the mineralisation in Chile, with solid experience in IOCGs and porphyries.

Furthermore, the protagonist needed to be high profiled person in the industry to give confidence to the market. The search was further complicated by the client’s preference, although not a requisite, for an expatriate or a local geologist with extensive international experience, at the time when the commodity prices were at record levels and multinational mining companies were offering large retention bonuses to their good staff.

Our approach
The initial search identified good solid local candidates with international experience working for either junior or multinational mining companies. However, we felt the shortlist was incomplete without an expatriate. In Chile, no suitable foreign geologist found the position attractive so we investigated previous geologists that were no working abroad and identified one who was head of global exploration for a major.

The foreign candidate was hired after two months of negotiations and as result of the success of the search we were awarded further searches including General Manager and Mine Operations Manager

Searching for Valuable Resources

"Expertise in a changing environment"

SpenglerFox started working together with a world leading mining company when it was awarded a Project Manager assignment. The initial contact was with a cold call to their office in Santiago, followed up by a conversation with their head office and a subsequent meeting the following week.

The assignment was complicated as it was a position that suitable candidates would not necessarily be performing at the current time and more likely occupy a variety of positions. Furthermore, the client wanted an individual from a medium-sized mining company.

Our approach
A strong shortlist was presented within three weeks and the candidate was contracted, and has been subsequently been promoted. SpenglerFox won three additional searches including Geostatician and Metallurgical superintendent. The success of these assignments has seen the firm awarded a global preferred supplier agreement.

The success of the SpenglerFox mining practice is based on sound industry knowledge and an excellent understanding of the Latin American market.

It all comes down to great communication

"We want a partner we can learn from and grow with"

Our client is one of the top five global automotive and transportation suppliers, a true innovation leader for the automotive OEMs. The company has a significant manufacturing and R&D presence in the Central European region, and leveraging this expertise also provides a wide range of components to its aftermarket customers.

The company is committed to expanding its product offerings and business support services for the independent aftermarket sectors, and also wanted to strengthen its regional coverage in CEE countries.

It became clear that the company needed an experienced professional who would grow the organisation by ensuring a strong focus on quality and delivery, and developing the distribution and marketing strategies over the Central European region.

Our Task
Having proven our capabilities by successfully filling manufacturing positions for the company, SpenglerFox were asked to support the company’s need in the aftermarket division.

The company’s Western European headquarters team briefed us on the project, and our competences were thoroughly checked. Having gained strong expertise in the CEE aftermarket sector we shared our market view and proposed solutions on how to find the most appropriate candidate in this highly limited and still undeveloped market.

After getting the green light, we implemented the agreed strategy with continuous feedback - particularly necessary in this case, and much appreciated by the line managers, who had previously received very little information on the CEE aftermarket situation and trends.

SpenglerFox’ capabilities and strengths come to the fore when quick results are needed in a regional search. As well as implementing our standard executive search methodology, we used our integrated database and think-tank of regional sector-focused consultants; we consulted our global network to find local candidates currently working abroad; and last but not least, we mobilised our native language researchers in various offices who could locate and address viable candidates in all CEE locations.

Meetings and interviews with appropriate candidates were also managed across different countries.

This was all behind the scenes of course. What the client experienced was a single point of contact, available all the time, channelling all the regional information - just as one would expect of a SpenglerFox engagement!

By managing the complex and often delicate process of assessing candidates, organising interviews in multiple locations and bridging different interests in the final negotiations, we gained a satisfied client and a satisfied candidate.

Proving our capabilities has opened many doors for us with different divisions of the company throughout Europe. But we are not complacent. We continue to learn from our clients’ and candidates’ feedback, and aim to fulfil our next assignments even more effectively.

Where experience and local knowledge really count

"Can you find us a specialist candidate in a small market?"

In February 2008, the Leasing Director of a leading Developer, contacted the SpenglerFox Real Estate Practice Group. They requested our help in the search of a Leasing Manager for their largest project to date, based in Bratislava.

Our Task
The project was one that would require all the skill and resource of the research team in Prague, due to the relatively small market in Bratislava and lack of experienced Leasing professionals there. The project consisted of 1.2 million m² of mixed use development – so experience in both retail and office leasing was essential.

Thanks to excellent communication and our understanding of the client’s requirement, SpenglerFox produced a shortlist of candidates within five weeks. In it, the client found someone who was in their eyes the ideal candidate. Following smooth negotiations, the candidate was made an offer that met all their expectations, and started work following a one-month notice period.
This project was a proud experience for SpenglerFox, as it resulted in the fast delivery of a great candidate in a very limited market space. Moreover, it was the start of an excellent long-term relationship this client across CEE.