Proving our value to a successful, ambitious company

"We need a partner who delivers like we do"

We began co-operation with this leading US medical devices multinational when we were requested to search for a GM for their Czech Republic operation. This was a pilot project, and we were determined to prove our value as a search partner. The client had previously been working with a Big 5 search firm, but found their CEE market understanding not so deep and their fee levels not in tune with the market.

After successfully completing this assignment over a three-month period, we were retained as the partner for a similar assignment in Hungary. As the field in medical devices is quite narrow, the search work had to be carried out with the highest degree of confidentiality. The Hungarian search was replacing an existing team member and required a highly sensitive approach to the market.

Our Task
On the back of these two successful recruitments, we agreed preferred terms of business so the client could maximise the global reach of our teams across emerging markets. We began co-operating in Russia on a senior lobbying role, which was again a very sensitive search, and required us to search for Russian candidates currently based across the world.

Through the strength of our network, we found the right person in the US, and were able with the client to interest him in this key role. While this was a management team role, we also showed our flexibility by helping the client recruit middle-senior level talent for commercial roles across the Russian regions.

Our client was also looking to build up HR capabilities across the CEE region. We initiated searches in Poland and Russia to help them find key managers who would build up an HR business partner function in these markets. In Russia we managed an excellent process, and identified and placed a real star into the client’s business. Our client’s ability to attract and convince the best talent to join them also helped! We found the Polish market search tougher, but after two shortlist presentations we came up with the right profiles. Our tenacity and desire to deliver helped us overcome a very tight market.

We were then asked to manage our client’s start-ups in the Baltic states, Croatia and Romania: searches which we successfully delivered upon, enabling the company to hit their business targets for the region that year.

After 15 searches in three years, we are delighted to consider this client a key partner for the SpenglerFox Healthcare Practice Group.

A partnership built on mutual respect and openness

"Find us the best CEE Area Manager"

Over the past three years we have partnered with a leading US pharmaceutical company as they have built up their presence in the distributor markets of CEE, Russia, CIS, Turkey and MEA.

The partnership began when we were engaged to find a Business Unit Manager for their Polish operation. Having successfully completed that assignment we were tasked to fill roles such as Marketing Support Manager UK, Business Unit Manager Romania, Sales Manager Hungary, General Manager Russia, Area Sales Manager Poland, CEE Area Manager, Sales Manager Greece, Area Sales Manager MEA, Sales Team Poland, Business Unit Manager Ukraine and Business Unit Manager Slovenia among others.

Our approach
We have enjoyed working closely with the company’s management team in the UK on these assignments and appreciate the time they invested in us; which, coupled with our market knowledge, allowed us to keep delivering talent for them.

We consider them a key partner of SpenglerFox across these markets, and while certain projects, such as the challenging assignment for a GM Russia, took longer than our estimated three-month completion target, we have been able to communicate openly with our clients when such issues arise. Honesty is a key strength of this partnership and greatly contributes to its success.

The CEE Area Manager project illustrates the relationship particularly well. The successful candidate was to be based in our client's European HQ in the UK. We debriefed with the client, and then our Project Lead Consultant, Ewa from Poland, engaged our local consultants across the region (Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania) and together they debriefed our research teams. We managed the project through our Global FileFinder Database, ensuring full visibility of all candidates and allowing our project lead to map and ensure that we are delivering on time and as we committed to our client.

In the fourth week of the project, Ewa travelled to each of the markets and conducted face-to-face interviews with the talent pools created by the local market consultant. From this she selected the 'best fit' talent for inclusion on the shortlist which she committed to present to the client during week 5. Our Global Practice Group Leader had already conducted our 20-day Client Audit at this stage.

Once the candidates were selected, interviews were scheduled in the UK and the client was able to move very quickly. After seeing four candidates from different CEE nationalities, they selected one and managed to close and offer (after a reference check by us) within that same week. While not all projects go as smoothly, this was an excellent example of a search covering multiple markets, where the common goal was excellence in delivery. We are proud today to continue to count the company as one of our key Healthcare clients.