Time to Perform

When a new colleague joins your company or when an old colleague takes on a significantly different role or ex-patriates for the first time , you want the person to start performing as quickly as possible. This is the time span that we call TIME TO PERFORM.  Our experience shows, that it normally takes up to 12 months before a new employee, in business critical roles, delivers to their full professional potential.  With TIME TO PERFORM it is possible to shorten this period by up to 30%. This reduces the cost and risk of hiring substantially.

The objective of TIME TO PERFORM is to analyze and identify the challenges of the new colleague and to plan, prioritize and solve problems that otherwise would prolong the period of time before optimal performance is reached.   Each meeting is adapted to meet the relevant needs and challenges of the job. The employee is empowered to think, feel and act appropriately in the new position to benefit the business goals.