Market Mapping

Market Mapping is for clients who are looking at new markets and are interested in gaining a better understanding of what talent is available in that region or for potential "future" roles which may be open soon, not necessarily with a fully defined profile. It is the process of collecting market information by assessing prospective candidates from a distance without interviewing them or conducting a full search. It saves time and offers valuable insights into the market that can facilitate decision making in the case of confidential projects.
At the end of the project SpenglerFox will provide thorough reports with the following type of information:

Market Mapping

  • Sample Projects
  • Contact Info

A Leading Multinational Consumer Goods Company

A 12 month assignment to identify and assess candidates across five key functions and 10 different roles in Russia/CIS. The idea for this company was to be able to see what the market is like in Russia & Ukraine Reports for each of these roles have included at least 50 people with detailed information regarding their current role/team, key achievements, salary expectations/current package.

Leading Multinational IT Company

Two year assignment to identify and assess candidates across 10 key functions of roles that are hard to fill The idea for this company was to be able to create a pipeline of talent SpenglerFox made appointments for the client to meet with appropriate candidates

If you would like to learn more about Market Mapping please contact Mark Hamill , CEO of SpenglerFox