HR Influencer Series : Andreas Zink

Tags: HR Influencer Series, Interview

Mark chats with Andreas Zink, Regional HR & Talent Leader | Executive Coach | Chartered MCIPD and asks:

  1. As part of our HR dialogues with Global HR business leaders please tell us a little about your career so far?
  2. What excites you most about a career in HR?
  3. Give us your best examples of how you felt in your HR capacity you could influence positively the company's performance?
  4. What do you see as the future for HR? (Hopes and fears)
  5. Give me your views on the global talent market?
  6. Tell us how you spend your down time?
  7. Talk to us about business leaders characteristics - what do you see as the most important?
  8. When leading, what styles do you find work the best and share with us your insight into getting the best out of talent?
  9. Roles of search partners, what do you see as the future for executive search partners? Where is there opportunities to be the trusted advisor in the talent world?

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