Don’t Miss Out On Russia

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Why this market is worth a second look.

Recently, SpenglerFox’s team managing its services in the Russian Federation held a briefing to talk about market opportunities for companies wanting to invest or do business in the Russian Federation. 

To this end, we put together a short White Paper in order to provide our Clients and prospective Business Partners guidance on how they can explore new opportunities in Russia. We’ve tried to make the document as succinct as possible in order to provide a clear outline of what the current business environment looks like and what issues you should consider prior to taking a decision to launch a venture in Russia or to expand existing operations in the country.

  • Get arguments to convince your CEO or board members why Russia deserves a second look.
  • Broaden your knowledge of what the Russian market has to offer.
  • Use as guidance for planning a CEO or board visit to the Russian Federation to explore business opportunities (travel to both Moscow and regional capitals).
  • Gather insight on the value provided by top Russian talent and how talent sourcing and search should be done. 

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