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HR Community: Best Practice – 28th April 2020

Author: Michal Vajskebr Category: Service: Media:
12 May

HR Community: Best Practice – 28th April 2020

Some of the companies represented:

  • Asahi
  • Kantar
  • KraftHeinz
  • Medicover
  • Molson Coors
  • Philip Morris
  • Stada

Some of the topics discussed:

We asked our participants to share 1-2 initiatives that have proven useful & innovative in the current climate.

Also we asked their opinion on the next steps to anticipate from current developments.

Here are some of the highlights from that:

  • Don’t waste improvements gained during the time such as efficiency/pragmatism, no procrastination – ideally this is maintained in post-Corona times too
  • Focus on health & safety, on creating a more agile environment
  • Organise regular, frequent, but focussed (20-30’), high tempo calls and townhalls.
  • Be ready for more flexible KPIs, relaxation time, time off, family business spirit, avoid the feeling of isolation.
  • Don’t be surprised that difficult decisions are suddenly taken very fast.
  • Stress that sense of collegiality and solidarity is important.
  • Focus on office reintegration, employee wellness & mental health.
  • Push for a digitally savvy environment – even rather conservative companies quickly adapt.
  • Drive acceleration of some initiatives that weren’t priority before such as customer-centricity announcement that nobody loses job until SEP – helps engagement.
  • Push for similar measures: protecting bonuses, working together & helping badly hit countries.
  • Don’t hesitate to go an extra mile, take initiative and volunteer.
  • Expect impact on people: challenging times for leaders as they maintain motivation of staff, assure safety and healthiness.
  • Expect replacement of non-performers; now it’s becoming obvious in tough times who are the companies’ pillars.
  • Expect demand of “new leaders”.
  • Expect higher demand in Senior positions (GM, MD, CEO, CFO, HRD, CIO, CMO).
  • Expect increased pressure on HR departments to implement cost cutting measures.
  • Be ready for candidates reluctance to switch jobs.
  • Anticipate a challenge with introducing candidates personally in final the round (no traveling), postponed decision making and placements.
  • Expect terminations of less strategic roles, mainly L&D and shift to external providers.
  • Expect reduction in internal Talent Acquisition staff (less recruitment, less workload, external recruitment is more cost effective).
  • Expect companies are putting on hold filling of non-critical positions.
  • Be ready for what is now essential: stay close to your customers & placed candidates, intensify BD activities.

Michal Vajskebr

Chief Commercial Officer, Head of Consumer

United Kingdom

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