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If 2020 taught us anything, then it is that employee well-being is one of the most crucial factors for every company operating in the current business climate.

6 Jan

If 2020 taught us anything, then it is that employee well-being is one of the most crucial factors for every company operating in the current business climate.

As an Executive Search Consultant and a Certified Health Coach, I work closely with C-level executives to support their overall mental and physical well-being, and the need for such support is tremendous.

Why is that?

“Many studies have shown that healthy employees are able to adapt to sudden changes and handle mental and physical load better.” says Joni Kettunen, CEO of Firstbeat Technologies.

Modern business leaders face a multitude of challenges. Burnout, stress and depression are all part of our everyday life. It is scientifically proven that all those factors have a negative impact on our health, creativity, decision-making, productivity, and the world around us. From technology advancements to management and mounting responsibilities, especially during the pandemic, it can be difficult to find the time to focus on personal growth and relaxation, all while staying on the cutting edge of your industry.

In one of the latest studies by McKinseyRethink Capabilities to Emerge Stronger From COVID-19 – business leaders say that the pandemic has alerted them to the urgency of getting learning programs right. Building capability is more important during a pandemic than ever before. Still, most of the current management programs are dealing with executives from the „neck up” and connecting high performance primarily with cognitive ability. However, latest research also proves that to achieve sustained high performance, and developing resilience and preventing burnout, we must pull together all these elements and consider the person as a whole. For this reason, the more modern and integrated approach to Performance Management addresses the body, the emotions, the mind, and the spirit.

Introducing the SpenglerFox Corporate Athlete Program

Our “Corporate Athlete Program” is a well-being program specifically designed for modern business leaders, supported by the latest innovative technology, and supports both physical and mental well-being by turning accurate physiological data on sleep, stress, recovery, exercise, and fitness into actionable insights.

The data enables individuals to clearly see how they are affected by a busy work schedule or hectic family life, and if sleep is replenishing one’s physical and mental resources overnight. This enables business leaders to have a better self–understanding, but also to create a more conscious and productive daily routine to balance stress and gain enough recovery time, hence achieving sustainable high performance in their professional life.

For more information or to obtain a free quotation, please contact Brigitta Füri

Brigitta Fűri

Client Partner


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