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Dmitry Chebotarevskiy

Head of Technology


Current Role

Dmitry currently serves ad Head of Technology leading SpenglerFox’s Technology Practice Group across Europe, Middle East and Africa. In his role, Dmitry helps clients gain competitive advantage by executing on various parts of their talent agenda. He and his team of experts are well positioned to support any hiring and talent development scenario in over 35 different countries. Dmitry utilizes his background as a consultant and internal HR to ensure the practice remains adept at the problems and issues faced by traditional and emerging technology firms.


Dmitry joined SpenglerFox in 2005, focusing on the Technology sector. He has been with the firm until 2017, when, after changing 5 positions and being transferred between offices, he decided to help a client with a very challenging task of buidling global Talent function and, thus, left SpenglerFox for a period of two years. Dmitry returned in 2020, with background in multinational software company, in addition to his decade’s experience in consulting and working with United States, Europe, Middle East and Russia’s regions.


Dmitry holds a college diploma in Business Management from Seneca College in Toronto, Canada. Also studied in Russia and UK and is nearly native in English as his second language. French has always been a hobby, but, unfortunately, remained only rusty as a result.

Career Challenge

Throughout his career, Dmitry had to deal with changes and development all the time. The industries he has been focusing on (Technology, Retail, Services) all had dramatic shifts in the last decade. When Dmitry worked in emerging markets they too, have taken considerable steps in their development. When he was an internal Talent Management lead, he could feel the impact that technology has on the employer-employee relationship and how it is changing the stereotypes most of us have been used to.


From the time Dmitry was relatively young and totally inexperienced, he likened success to being important and impactful on people’s lives. Of course, it was more of seeking recognition than anything else back then, but over time Dmitry feels more and more pleased when he can be of service to someone, to add value to their lives. That motivates him the most. Also, when he sees someone around him developing and growing, it is easier for Dmitry to perform to the highest of his abilities.

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