Consumer and Retail

Consultants in the Consumer and Retail Practice Group are able to identify, attract, assess and recruit outstanding senior level talent for both local and multinational companies across the globe. This is no small achievement, given emerging markets and the changing habits of the consumer-driven business environment.

Recent economic developments mean that the sales and marketing functions have become business-critical to survival. Add to this new developments in technology and media, and the multidimensional approach to sales and marketing, and today’s search consultants must look much further afield to find talent with the appropriate breadth of knowledge and experience. Our Global practice group covers the UK, Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, Greece, Turkey, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, to source those who can lead in challenging times.

For additional information on our methodology or our approach to any specific market, please contact our global practice group leader, Michal Vajskebr 

Key Contact: Michal Vajskebr

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