The SpenglerFox Methodology

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There is nothing we love more at SpenglerFox than the satisfaction of achieving the seemingly impossible, the satisfaction of completely fulfilling a client’s needs by finding the perfect candidate. Whilst we have the agility to move at speed we also have the endurance and determination that ensure constant focus on long term projects. Our in-depth processes allow us to build trust and long lasting relationships with our clients across the world. 

Our methodology has seven detailed and comprehensive phases as outlined below. Each phase is carried out with discretion, sensitivity and using the full resources and market insight at our disposal.

Phase 1 - Project Ignition

Before engagement we anticipate the potential needs of a client and identify a dedicated project team. This ensures that we can commence our search immediately on assignment confirmation.

Following engagement, search methodologies are identified and a project plan and timescales are agreed with our client. All searches are managed by at least one dedicated researcher and specialist consultant. All searches are supervised by the local Country Manager and regional practice group leader.

Phase 2 - Search, Screening and Selection

Our mission is to find talent. Whilst our primary focus is direct search which is carried by our talented team of local and regional researchers we also employ a variety of secondary search methodologies. These include searching our industry leading database, networking in both the physical and virtual environments and news searches to name but a few.

Our philosophy of transparency and sharing information ensures full project visibility across our international practice group network. This gives us access to expatriate, repatriating and international candidates in real time.

Screening and Selection
Following the identification of the SpenglerFox long list we initiate short-listing through a detailed and comprehensive short- listing process. This commences with initial telephone interviews which assess a prospective candidate’s suitability for and interest in the position. Once this has been confirmed, candidates carryout in-depth one to one interviews with the project’s lead consultant.

The interview format is a combination of non-directive discussions to assess the candidate’s personality and communication skills, as well as competency based interviews.

Finally, unless otherwise directed by our clients, our preferred candidate undergoes psychological profiling in the form of the Saville Consulting psychometric testing. Following this rigorous assessment we select those candidates that we deem most suitable for the role and the client organisation based on competencies, experience and motivations and present the shortlist of candidates to our clients.

Phase 3 - Shortlist Presentation

The SpenglerFox shortlist presentation takes the form of a detailed assessment report, which contains information on the candidates personal, behavioural, academic and professional profiles, including a rationale in which we explain why the candidate should be considered for the role. We then review the shortlist with our clients and action any feedback.

Phase 4 - Client Interview 

At SpenglerFox we consider it our duty to manage the shortlist of candidates through the client interview process. This ensures complete discretion and the minimum amount of disruption to our client’s organisations in what is often a sensitive process. Following interviews we will then review & discuss the performance of each candidate with our client.

Phase 5 - Offers and Acceptance

SpenglerFox provide formal offers & rejections to candidates on behalf of our client. We support our client in the preparation and presentation of the offer to the successful candidate. This is then followed by discussions with both the client and the candidate. 

Phase 6 - Integration 

Following acceptance of an offer we work in partnership with our client and candidate to identify integration needs and plan the successful integration of the candidate into their new organisation. We also facilitate on-boarding where required.

Phase 7 - Review

We are absolutely committed to quality and as such it is imperative that we are able to gauge whether we have successfully met our client’s and candidate’s needs. As such, after every placement we carryout in-depth service reviews with our clients. The feedback is then reviewed by an internal panel of Country Managers and our Managing Director to ensure maximum client satisfaction and promote a culture of continuous improvement.

Key Contact: Jens Friedrich

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