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​What is the Time to Perform program?

Time to Perform is a new, specialized program that SpenglerFox offers its clients who need support in transitioning executive talent into new roles and functions. The program looks to help executives achieve maximum performance in their jobs as quickly as possible. Depending on the particular case and/or situation, the Time to Perform executive advisory program can shorten transition periods (which usually last anywhere from one year to 18 months) by 30%.

Who can benefit from Time to Perform?

Time to Perform is targeted at executives and upper level managers, who are involved in some sort of transition to a new role in their careers. This may be an internal move, i.e. a promotion within the company or a move to a new branch office in another country, persons returning from parental leave, etc. It is targeted at new hires as well.

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Key Contact: Mary Kramer 

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