Who are Interim Managers?

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Interim Managers are highly experienced, results oriented executives and / or specialists with usually 15+ years industry experience in top management roles. Typically they have played key building roles in their professional roles & now their focus is applying their knowledge to new situations. Some are entrepreneurs who have sold their businesses and want to bring their knowledge and expertise to new businesses.

They are independent senior executives, who enter an organisation to solve a particular issue and exit after the problem is resolved. They are not consultants- while a consultant acts in an advisory capacity, Interim Managers are very hands on and involved throughout the assignment. Roles covered can be any senior management position- such as CEO, CFO, head of sales, marketing or specific project managers.

Interim Managers are used on a short to medium term basis (averagely 6 – 9 months) for high impact roles. Assignments can be part time or full time.

  • Executive interim managers operate through their own companies

  • They have appropriate insurance in place

  • They have all made the conscious decision to make interim management their career choice

  • No license required

  • Easy termination: Interim Mangers can be terminated at very short notice with no risk, termination bonuses or severance packages

Key Contact: Jan Griesbach

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