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Corporate Governance Audit

Good corporate governance should be an all pervading attribute within an organisation - a key enabler to aid in defensible decision making concerning the affairs of the organisation. Therefore effective implementation and maintenance of good governance facilitates continuous improvement in relation to Strategy, Performance, Compliance and Accountability. Our Corporate Governance Audit covers a comprehensive review of all these areas at Board level and assists with the implementation of international best practice.

Board Performance Reviews

Board evaluations are an essential process used to appraise the valuable contributions by the board of directors to the organisation’s success. By assessing the operations of a board, it is provided with a job performance evaluation. Assessments can focus on the work of the board, the contributions of the individual directors, or the board’s processes. Similar to job performance evaluations used to assess the performance of the staff of an organisation, evaluations of the work of the board consider both the means and the outcomes of its work. They are a review of the results of the board’s set of goals and the processes used to reach them.

Advisory Board Establishment

Advisory committees/boards are usually useful when it comes to capital raising and often can act to widen a network as well as provide valuable insights and expertise that the company may not possess. We assist with the identification of core competency gaps with the Advisory Board and the identification of Advisory Board Members relevant to the needs of the organisation.

Board Papers Template Package

We provide standardised templates that can be modified per the company’s requirements. This will include but not be limited to board minutes, roles and responsibilities of directors, board agenda, NED observances, fiduciary duties and obligations, remuneration committee reports, audit committee reports, and so on.

Other Services

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  • Board Remuneration Advisory

Key Contact: Jens Friedrich

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