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The War for Talent continues.

Our three Talent Mapping Services are designed to assist clients to be proactive in preparing for future roles.
​The first service, Market Mapping, is our custom-made solution for clients who are not sure of the possibility of finding the ideal person or when a role will be become active.  

The second service, Talent Monitoring, involves continuous and thorough screening of the market for talent based on a client's specific requirements.  The best people are constantly monitored so that the hidden talent in the market can be uncovered.  Both of these services can be offered standalone or can complement our Executive Search offering. 

The third service, Diversity Mapping, is a custom-made solution for clients who are looking to see what talent is available on the market with respect to their defined diversity criteria, in order to find the ideal person or plan ahead for future potential requirements.

Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing is an HR strategy allowing organisations to outsource part or all of its recruitment functions to SpenglerFox.  This may require having one of our senior talent consultants working onsite at our clients premises.  Building strong relationships is key to our own DNA, working in harmony not only improves business efficiency, but also very rewarding and motivating for our employees, we naturally apply this to our onsite communities.

Key Contact: Jens Friedrich

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