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All SpenglerFox solutions have evolved from the foundations of its Executive Search service. One such example is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

Typically a standardised recruitment process executed by an expert 3rd party.  SpenglerFox design bespoke solutions by incorporating specific hiring strategies most suited for our client’s needs.  We understand the necessity of being agile in response to the life-cycle of a company’s progression is key to being a successful partner.

What is SpenglerFox RPO?

Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing is an HR strategy allowing organisations to outsource part or all of its recruitment functions to SpenglerFox.  This may require having one of our senior talent consultants working onsite at our clients premises.  Building strong relationships is key to our own DNA, working in harmony not only improves business efficiency, but also very rewarding and motivating for our employees, we naturally apply this to our onsite communities.

What are the Benefits?

When searching for talent, we ensure that we not only find the right talent but the right cultural fit. 

  • Our consultants are all talent experts, who own significant knowledge of the business environments within their specialised industries.  Their expertise is fully absorbed into our client’s organisations.

  • During our consultants careers they have developed established networks, resulting in direct access to large talent pools.

  • Our RPO solution allows our clients to focus on their core business objectives, improving efficiency, whilst our talent consultant integrates within the culture of our clients environments, building strong relationships with their HR teams and allowing them to strategize on the long term needs of the business.

Why SpenglerFox?

Integrating RPO into our search business means the methodologies and attention to detail, used daily by our expert executive search consultants, ensures quality hires for our clients.  Protecting them from damaging costs, financially and culturally, by hiring the wrong people.

Key Contact: Jens Friedrich

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